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We are at a critical moment for elected officials to protect public education onthe state and local levels. Learn more about our priorities and add your voice to the chorus protecting our teachers, students, schools and communities.

State Budget Delivers 'Historic Levels' of School Aid

The state budget deal reached on April 7 provides a 4% increase in state aid for New York City schools, the first-ever modification of Tier 6 to enhance benefits, and financial support...

Editorial: Think Big on Budget

It’s back to the future with the city budget: Mayor Adams’ recent budget proposal could have been time-warped from the days before COVID-19.

Addressing Racial Inequality

The historic uprising for Black lives in the summer of 2020 sparked educators at Brooklyn’s New Utrecht HS to launch an Equity Team to tackle racial inequality.
Governor Hochul and the legislature invested in public schools and in the educators and staff who have been there for our students during the pandemic. Albany delivered on historic levels of education funding, including funds for additional mental health support in schools.

Michael Mulgrew

President, United Federation of Teachers

Driving the Charge for Madam Speaker of the City Council

Driving the Charge for Madam Speaker of the City Council

Education is the foundation of our society, and women make up the majority of its workforce. New York City made history by electing a Council where women will be the new majority, and educators helped make this happen. The next logical step is for the City Council to select a woman as Speaker. Ensuring women are a part of policymaking in New York is paramount to achieving progress for public education and a more just city.
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